Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Origami Swans: 5 steps

Here's how you make an origami swan. (I will add pics later)

1. The paper has to be an exact square. Fold in half. Then unfold. When unfolded, you should have two triangles.

2. Fold the left and right hand corners to the center. Then flip it over and do the same thing.

3. Fold the bottom onto the top. Then, fold the bottom point towards the center.

4. Fold back the sides, then pull up the swan's neck, then the bill, and the head.

5. Now you have an Origami swan!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lava Lamp

Homemade lava lamp made by my friends Caitlyn and Cheyenne.

All you need to make this is:

An empty, clean canning jar and lid

Cooking oil

Clean Water

Food Coloring (Optional)

Pour the cooking oil in the jar until it is about half full. (If you are using food coloring in the water, go ahead and add it.) Then, add the water to the jar, being careful not to overflow the jar. Put on the lid. Watch the cool reaction between the cooking oil and water.

For a cool effect, place a flashlight under the jar, as shown in the picture for your lava lamp to light up!

Homemade Fans

Here's how to make homemade fans in a few steps.

1st- Find some thin colored printer paper

2nd- Fold it accordion style

3rd- After you are finished folding, grab the bottom of the folded paper, and tape or staple it to hold it in place.

4th- Open it up, and you have a fan!